Ali Welfare Trust

The Ali Welfare Trust is a charity based in Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury whose main aim is to help poor people, young people and disabled people, particularly in Pakistan.

A Heart to Help

We help poor people, young people and disabled people.

Supporting the Elderly

We support the weak and elderly through grants and medicine.


We supply medicine to those unable to get any.

Creating Community

We are looking to create a social space for vulnerable people.

Safe Water

Our main project is to build a water filter.

Grants for Babies

We help with medical treatment for handicapped babies.

People We Are Helping

Here are some of the people the Ali Welfare Trust is helping

This girl was 10 months when her father died

Her Dad divorced her mum and she lives with her grandparents

This man was born blind

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Clean Water Project

The Ali Welfare Trust is saving money to purchase a water filter to help a community in Pakistan with poor drinking water.

Examples of Help Given

Some examples of people who have been helped by the charity are:


Medicine for Widow

Grant money given for medicine for 62 year old widow with no income whose son was murdered in 2011.

Help for Disabled Man

Grant given to 50 year old man who was permanently disabled following an accident in which he suffered multiple fractures.

Help for Partially Blind Man

Grant given to an 82 year old man with very poor eyesight for medicine.

Grant for Widow

Grant given to a 49 year old widow whose husband was murdered and who has a dependent son.

Medicine for Baby

Funding given for medical treatment for a congenitally handicapped baby.

Help for Orphans

Grants made to orphans and children for disabled parents for books and tuition fees.

Emergency Aid

We can also help in cases of need, hardship in any country as a result of drought, war, earthquake, flood, famine or other disaster.

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