Clean Water Project

The Ali Welfare Trust is saving money to purchase a water filter to help a community in Pakistan with poor drinking water.

The Water Project

Ali Welfare is saving up money to buy a water filter for a town near Islamabad.

The current water supply is not good to drink and is causing health issues.

With your help we can get a new water filter sent there.

the hospital

This is the hospital

the school

The top floor is the school

water cooler

The water cooler we installed last year. However it is not enough for 300 school children and all the hospital patients.

water well

This is the back of the hospital where the water well is pumped out using a motor but that water is undrinkable.

This is the second well which is used by the school but the water problem is the same. It is only used for sanitation.

The second well.

A Heart to Help

We help poor people, young people and disabled people.

Supporting the Elderly

We support the weak and elderly through grants and medicine.


We supply medicine to those unable to get any.

Creating Community

We are looking to create a social space for vulnerable people.

Safe Water

Our main project is to build a water filter.

Grants for Babies

We help with medical treatment for handicapped babies.

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